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Commemorative Speech Peer Feedback List

You will work in pairs, and will provide feedback on each other's
work. Please use the guidelines I gave (see previous posting on this

1. Selena/Mandy Huang
2. Elliot/Frances
3. Joyce Lin/Luke
4. Annie/Josie
5. Carly/Helen
6. Vanessa/Stefanie
7. Zoe/ Vicky Li
8. Johnny/ Penny Lin
9. Emily/ Reiff
10. Derek/Cassandra
11. Claire Huang/Vicky Chen
12. Emma/Vicky Wang

Deadline of submission (posted on the blog) on May 17.


Peer Feedback for Commemorative Speeches

By writing peer critiques, students should refine their abilities to:
• Critically analyze all aspects of speech composition and delivery
• Distinguish between weak and strong support
• Identify unclear speech arrangement and identify possible solutions
• Diagnose delivery problems and propose remedies

Your written critiques should provide detailed and thorough feedback to the speaker concerning all aspects of the section you were assigned to critique. Your peer critiques should not be overly vague. Be objective and avoid personal attacks and criticisms.

The length of your peer feedback must be 250 to 300 words.

Peer critiques must be written in complete sentences and in essay format (no bullet points).

When developing your peer critiques you should reference specific parts and passages of the speech. Provide specific comments using specific sentences or phrases made by the speaker. You need to watch and listen to the student video to be able to successfully do this.

Below are some questions you can use to guide you in writing your peer feedback.

NOTE: You do not have to answer every question, but you should address a majority of the questions. These are simply some questions to guide your analysis and critique of a speech

Commemorative Speech

1. Did the speaker provide an explanation why the subject was praiseworthy? In what way?
2. Did the speaker provide some information about the history of the institution/organization/ or life of the person being praised? Specify details (what did the speaker say?)
3. Did the speaker illustrate the achievements of her/his subject?
4. Did the speaker provide inspiration or heighten the admiration to the audience for the person/institution/organization that she/he is praising?
6. Did the speaker adapt her/his remarks to the occasion?
7. Did the speaker express feelings of sentiments, joy, hope, etc. Provide specific sentences made by the speaker.
8. Was the speech delivered extemporaneously?
9. Was the speech delivered with sincerity?
10. Was the overall speech meaningful? In what way?

Where to post your peer feedback?

Post your peer feedback on the blog. Click on the posting that contains the student video. Click 'comments' and 'post'

Don't forget to include your name and student number.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Vicky Chen's Commemorative Speech


Annie's(YE3B) Commemorative Speech


Cassandra's Commemorative Speech


Johnny's Commemorative Speech


Zoe's Commemorative Speech


Carly's Commemorative Speech


Selena's Commemorative Speech


Vanessa's Commemorative Speech


Mandy Huang's Commemorative Speech


Vicky Wang's Commemorative Speech

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Elliot's Commemorative Speech


Penny Lin's Commemorative Speech

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