Monday, May 07, 2007


Vanessa's Commemorative Speech

In the first of all article, Vanessa use many sentences about “our dreams.” I think it is interesting to let audiences pay attention to listen her speech.
Vanessa provided complete information about the history of Walt Disney. Just like his background, his talent, and the source of cartoon character--- Micky Mouse. So far, I have something about Walt Disney. And she also told about what Walt Disney do for this society. Not only he created the cartoon movie with sound and color but also gave people a modern---don’t afraid of failure. I think it is great way to let audience think more. In the beginning I even do not consider Walt Disney can give me a different thought beside cartoon. Vanessa presented this speech with joy and admire because she said “He was so different and indomitable. We all should learn this kind of spirit and behavior.” These two sentences were represented by respected voice.
I was impressed by this sentence---“Dream, Belief, Resolute and Practice.” She spoke these four words by powerful voice.
I think Vanessa was a perfect speaker, because of her attitude and the way she represented.
the article is from Stefanie 1095100118, because I forget my code at beginging, hsiu-hsiu is zoe, she posted this feedback for me.
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