Monday, May 07, 2007


Zoe's Commemorative Speech

Zoe's commeroative speech not really mentioned that why her topic was praiseworthy to talk aoubt. She only told us when that event occured and how all event's process went though in the beginging of her speech. Maybe she could give us more explanaion why she wanted to share Ocean Tsunami with us. In the other hands,Zoe provieded us inspiration from her speech. She showed us people should learn from disaters, even though we couldn't stop it. We still had to struggle with nature and thought about how to prevent that all things might happen in the future.
Zoe expressed her feeling of sadness by deliveing this disaster event. Her facial expression was serious, as if she did really care about this event. And though her sentences, the daunting Tsunami is over, but the glaring impact still embedding their mind,we also felt her feeling about Ocean Tsunami. she just delivered with her topic sicnerity. In a word, the overall speech was meaningful for us, she reminded us of this terrible disaster agian. Although it was already an old story in human history, she told us again that we human beings should get better on managing any risks.
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