Sunday, May 06, 2007


Elliot's Commemorative Speech

Dear Aiden,
I have no way to recall my user name and password to post my peer
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The topic is a good choice to remind Taiwanese people of the tragedy
caused by the overall incompetence to deal with emergency of
Taiwanese government and people. This speech recalls my memory of
how this calamity happened in front of all Taiwanese people and
ironically the victims weren’t rescued. Elliot stated, “Maybe you
have forgotten the reason why they apologized, it’s quite normal
for Taiwanese.” He pointed out one common phenomenon in Taiwan –
people tend to be angry and talk a lot about a catastrophe when TV
news repeatedly report on the event but it would be quickly
forgotten afterward. Elliot stated, “The level of the river was
getting higher and higher. Everybody was…and even angry. The
situation was extremely dangerous..” He described the full picture
of the event, which could evoke the audience’s sympathy for the
victims and their relatives and even the anger toward the inability
of the government, hence to ensure the government and people in
Taiwan to be aware of our weakness and loop hole in the emergency-
solving network. The speech had an important mission other than
commemorating the “Eight-Palm River” event – to attract the
attention of Taiwanese government and people on the preceding
disasters and learn the lesson to avoid the same thing happen in the
future. This commemorative speech reserved its purpose quite well.
Lastly, Elliot should be careful with his articulation to make his
speech more clear and I wish he could have risen his voice a bit,
because I had to listen to the speech many times to get what he
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