Monday, May 07, 2007


Vicky Wang's Commemorative Speech

Written by YE3B 1095100096 Emma Niu .

After I watched the video of Vicky Wang’s speech, I do have some opinions and admirations to her. First of all, she provided a distinct explanation why she chooses this subject that she gave a lot of praises to Tzu Chi foundation in her opening of speech. She gave to the audience good reasons that we indeed believe Tzu Chi is really a good foundation Vicky also provided some information about the history of the organization which she mentioned in the sentences as follow: Tzu Chi Foundation was founded by Master Cheng Yen in Hualien, in 1966. Furthermore, she illustrated the achievements of her subject by many positive words, sentences and phrases such as “The trail of Tzu Chi Foundation is not only in our own country-Taiwan, but also expanded to the whole world such as America, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand. They invite all people of good will to cultivate a field of blessings and create a society of love” .Vicky provided a cheerful inspiration and admiration to the audience for the organization that she is praising all the victims was got helps by Tzu Chi Foundation had hopes to move forward and full of love and goodwill to live because of them. She made a successful illustration to have us want to honor and admire Tzu Chi’s devotion. Nevertheless, she also not did well on one point which is she did not express clear emotions through the whole speech, she just had the same feelings and sentiments on her face. It was to be regretted of her speech. The speech was delivered sincerely but was not deliver extemporaneously, yet she did good eye contact to the audience. At the end of my opinions, I think her overall speech was meaningful in the way she gave three main examples what beneficence did Tzu Chi do to people who needed the assistances and cheer us up to pay respect to all the great person.
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