Monday, May 07, 2007


Carly's Commemorative Speech

Feedback of Carly’s Commemorative Speech from YE4A Helen Tai 1094100012

I would like to I divided Carly’s commemorative speech into three sections as the general reflection to her hard work.
Generally speaking, Carly gave a good opening to the audience by using her own experience to shorten the distance between she and the listeners. She expressed how touching it was when she firstly listening to Beetles’ song – Shine until Tomorrow, Let It Be in a rainy day. It was nice that she used these words such as rainy and shine as a contrastive effect so that she could arose the attention from the audience.
And talking about the main body of her speech, she gave a great many information of Beetles to the listeners from different aspects like the membership of Beetles, the success of the band, the social impact that Beetles brought to the society, and the decline of Beetles. It was meaningful after listening to her speech because I learned more of Beetles, and understood why there were/are so many people admired and crazy for them. However, that was a pity that Carly did not mention about the purpose of her speech. I just got the idea that people were gathering together to commemorate Beetles. That is one part for improvement.
And when it came to the end of the speech, I personally like the way she organized her speech. She used the song – Let It Be again to conclude that though time passed by, it was hard for people to let it (Beetles) be because the charm of Beetles were so influential and powerful. So it was nice that the opening and the conclusion coordinated with each other.
Carly delivered the speech with sincerity and felt sorry for the decline of Beetles. And she made eye-contact from the beginning of her speech to the end of it. That was a good thing for her to keep. Yet, I suggested her not stand behind the desk all the time and make good use of her body language.
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