Monday, May 07, 2007


Cassandra's Commemorative Speech

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Cassandra gave a very good commemorate speech toward Martin Luther King’s day. First of all, she introduce us who Martin Luther King is and when is this holiday. She also suggested that this day is praiseworthy because Martin Luther King fought for justice, freedom, and racial equality. In the speech, she also mentioned Martin Luther King’s effort in helping Rosa Park by holding the boycott toward racial inequality. She also adapted her remarks toward Martin Luther King by showing the audience that she had the chance getting in touch with Martin Luther King’s articles recently that she showed her knowledge in Martin. She also delivered this speech with a very sincerely voice. Over all, this was a meaningful speech in reminding us the influential man in bringing America justice, freedom, and racial equality. The only thing that I think that can help Cassandra in giving a better speech is to provide us more information and achievement in what Martin Luther King did in helping black American to obtain their human rights.
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