Sunday, May 06, 2007


Penny Lin's Commemorative Speech

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At the beginning of Penny’s speech she said “it was a horrible day happened upon United States.” I think this is a good start and also a good way to gather the audience’s attention. Then, after she mentioned that the Pentagon and another tower were hit as well, she said “it is hard to believe that the most powerful country was being attack by terrorists. In the middle, she mentioned there were nearly 2,000 people in the tower before the collapse, but, surprisingly, 500 people above the crash floor had no chance to survive and official death toll was about 3,000 deaths, even more than those. That was quite shocking. In the last part, she gave us a sentimental and sincere conclusion. She said this event will be a scar of all the Americans and this horrible attack should not be forgotten, but can be forgiven.

In sum, Penny’s commemorative speech was great. She delivered it sincerely. Her speech made me recall the memory of the event and it aroused my sensibility to grieve those citizens who have died in this tragedy. This speech is quite meaningful to me. By the way, I have some advices for Penny. First, she can strengthen the tone of speaking to make her speech more powerful. Second, pronunciation can be better, try to practice before presentation.
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