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Annie's(YE3B) Commemorative Speech

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In the openning of Annie's speech, she made connection with audiences by asking a question "do you still remember......". It was good to make audiences pay attention to her speech. she also created a situation that we were attending the first aniversary of Lo Man-Fei's fund. It gave us the reason why we were sitting there for listening to her speech.

After giving audiences the purpose of this speech, she moves to the contents. In this stage, Annie gave us the short introduction of Lo Man-Fei's fund.She told audiences that this fund was established for helping and encouraging the young people under age of 35 who are engaging in dancing related fields and the goals of this fund is not only for encouraging the young talent dancers ,but also for remembering Lo's spirit, love and joy in dancing.

After giving the brief introducation of Lo's dance fund, Annie continued to introduce Lo's positive attitudes towards her life. she told audiences what and why we should learn from Lo.she also provide an example of showing Lo' love.

In the final stage of her speech,Annie indicated although Lo had lung cancer, she still positively faced her life."The length of life is not the main point, the main point is the quality of life." This sentence showed us how Lo bravely took her illness.It was good to add this sentence in this speech,because it made audiences more impressive about this dancer.

Generally, I considered that Annie did very well in this speech. But she should practised more in reading some words which she was not familiar with or difficult to pronounce. Otherwise it will influence the fluency of speech.
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