Friday, May 25, 2007


Vicky Li's Persuasive Speech (Value)

when i deliverd the persuasive speech, i found that i had some weak points. First at all,I thought my body was swaying too much. I should give proper gestures during my presentation. Secondly, i should not smile too much, since my topic was serious. Moreovere, i should take care some words' pronunciation. For instance, erythema, edema,haemorrhaging and ulceration. If those words could pronunce more clearly, i thought it would more better for me. Finally, i hope that i could add more emotion to this speech and not just read about it.
But there were still some good points. I thought my eye-contenct was good. when i delivered this speech, my voice was quite clearly. And aoout my power points' pictures, i thouhgt it were effective to my audience.
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