Saturday, May 05, 2007


Vicky Li's Commemorative Speech

In Vicky commemorative speech, she provided the information about the history of the Nanking Massacre. She used the chronological way to introduce the history background, and the whole history was really cruel. She deliverd it with the feelings of sadness and sorrow. She said.“There were also about 20,000 women were raped by Japanese soldiers during the Nanking Massacre. The ridiculously thing was, they even raped girls who just less ten years old and women who over seventy.”
In addition, she did well on the eye contacts; she look at audience from the start to the end of the speech. The other good thing is that she used some personal example to related to the whole events.” Since I was a little girl, my parents, teachers and society educate us to be an honest person. Even you have ever made mistakes; you should bravely come forward, confess and apologize.”
Speaking of the sincerity, vicky’s speech is sincere, and I was really touching by the whole event. It made me feel just like happened yesterday.However, it’s kind of pity she didn’t say the purpose of the commemorative speech,”Today, we’re here to commemorate…….” And if she could add some body languages or stand in front of people, the speech will be wonderful.
All in all, Vicky really did the great job in the whole speech. The way she present was natural, and smooth.
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