Friday, May 25, 2007


Vicky Chen's Persuasive value

In my opinion, there are several advantages I’ve made. First, I use two questions, which are “Do you satisfied with your appearance? Have you ever thought about you want to become more handsome or beautiful by the plastic surgery?” to attract audience’s attention. I think those questions can let audience think about their opinion, then, they will listen to my opinion to consider their choices. Second, my main purpose is to persuade audiences not do the plastic surgery, so I give them three risks of doing the surgery. In my body, I illustrate several statistics such as news, doctor’s report and plastic surgery magazine’s statistics to prove my main idea in order to persuasive my audience not do the plastic surgery easily. On the other hand, those statistics can let audience know the high risks of doing the plastic surgery. After they heard about the people who failed in the plastic surgery, audience will aware of that. Third, in the conclusion part, I mention the three risks one more time to remind audience memory and can let them think of the questions I ask in the introduction again. Besides, even though I’m nervous, I still keep the eye contact with my audience.
Next I’m going to talk about my weakness in this persuasive speech. First, it’s always my biggest problem— stage fright. Even though I practice at home for several times, I still feel very nervous and hard pressure about my speech. I always think of the worst situation before I start my speech. I really think I should learn how to be relaxed in front my audience, and communicate with them in order to make my speech well. I always remember what the teacher wrote in my evaluation—“ Don’t let your audience feel you are nervous.” I will try harder to let myself become more comfortable when I present the speech. Second, I lack of body language. Because I’m nervous, I totally don’t show my body language during the speech. I think I should have more body language more, in order to reduce my tension.
All in all, I don’t think I did a good job this time. I have to practice more and overcome my stage fright in order to have a good speech.
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