Friday, May 25, 2007


Vanessa's Persuasive Value


After watching my video, I figure out some good points and weak points. In the advantages part, I think that I speak very clearly. The speed of my speech is suitable and clearly enough. My voice is also clearly enough. Moreover, I think that my three points is strong enough to persuade my audiences. I used a lot of experts’ opinions or some professional peoples’ ideas. I think that these references can support my idea. And I think that I did a good job in the ending part, I reviewed my three points again to attract my audiences and I made my ending paragraph short. Moreover, I think that I approve my eye contact. I looked my audiences more often and I had good smile.
On the weakness part, first, I think that I used too much time in my first opinion, I said too much in my second paragraph. I should say more in my third and forth paragraph to persuade my audiences. Second, I think that I need more passion in my speaking. This is a persuasive speech, I should put more passion in this. Third, I think that my first paragraph is not good enough. I could find other more interesting opening to attract my audiences.
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