Friday, May 04, 2007


Stephanie's Commemoratative Speech

After watching the video of Stephanie's commemoratative speech, I think that she did a good job. She had a lot of strength but she still has some weak points that she had to improve. First, I think that she did explain why the subject was praiseworthy. She use some examples to show that how womens' low position in the society and she did explain how important this day to all of the women in this world. However, I think that she could mention more about this because she just said something about how they struggle for the rights, she can use more examples to show how difficult women to get this right. I think that if she used more examples, it would be more convincible.
Then, I think that Stephanie gave us a lot of information about the day that she wanted to say. She gave us many details about this day. For example, she told us that "In 1910 the first international women's conference was held in Copenhagen by the Second International and an International Women's Day was established, which was submitted by the important German Socialist Clara Zetkin. She gave us a lot of years and days that important things that happened to this day. I think that this a very great point that she gave us a lot of information and we could know more about this topic.
Third, I think that she could add more her remarks to the think that she wanted to praise. I think that during the speech, I rarely heard her remarks to this day, I think that if she could add more remarks, it could be better.
Last, I think that she could deliver her speech more extemporaneously. Sometimes she used many difficult words and she would forget how to pronounce the words, I think that she could use some easy words. And I think her overall speech is meaningful. This topic is related to women and most of the classmates in the classroom are women. She gave us passion and interest in this topic. I think that she did a good job.
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