Friday, May 04, 2007


Reiff's Commemorative Speech

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This comment has been removed by the author.
peer feedback for Reiff's commemorative speech from YE3B 1095100084 Emily Cheng
Reiff clearly indicated that why Teresa is so praiseworthy by talking about her fantastic songs and her spirit. In her speech, she mentioned that Teresa’s songs accompany people during hard time and happy hours. And the most valuable thing is Teresa’s patriotism. It’s a good body to express why we should remember Teresa.

In Reiff’s speech, she also mentioned Teresa’s life. She indicated that Teresa’s talent of singing developed since she was a young girl. And she also indicated that how Teresa successfully affects most Asian people by singing.

From this speech, the topic is really touched our heart. We all know Teresa’s songs and her patriotic spirit and we admire her for her spirit. But there is one thing Reiff should be aware of. Her delivery is smooth but she should put more emotion in her speech. The more emotion she put in her speech, the more feelings we will get.
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