Saturday, May 26, 2007


Penny's Persuasive (Value)

About my Speech, first of all, I think I give the phenomenon of Taiwan’s reality of smoking. I think that a good a start because I make the topic relates to Taiwan. That will let the audiences feel actually. Also I give the examples of the illnesses of smoking. Through those instances, I think it will make the audiences to reflect on the gravity of smoking. However, in this persuasive speech, I found the disadvantage—I read my draft often and seldom made eye contact and smile to the audiences. And after watching all my classmates’ speech, I found that it seems I made the wrong direction of my “Value Speech.” It looks more as the Policy speech. That’s a really serious mistake of mine speech. I felt that I fail the speech this time. According to my draft, I think I did not organize my information very well and some paragraphs needed in order. But I think I already have more confidence than before.
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