Friday, May 04, 2007


Luke's Commemorative Speech

Written by
YE3B 1095100066 Joyce Lin

In Luck’s speech, I could see that he provide enough explanation to his audience that his topic, Titanic. He described about the time and situation of the accident, and brought us to the scene when the ship was been sank.
Moreover, he also gave his audience the background of Titanic. He stated the statistics of the passenger who survived and dead, and then, he brought out his theme. He said, “The ship carried more than two thousand passengers, and also their dream to living in America…The ship was carried lots of expectation and hopes.” He told his audience that there were many passengers who were in every age, and they were eager to go to the U.S. Unfortunately, most of them died. And I thought that the statistics and the situation he described might make his audience memory this day, and be sympathetic to those passengers who died in this accident.
Furthermore, Luck pick up a story in his speech. He talked about the last survivor. He said, “In 2006, the last survivor who had memories of Titanic. She was only five at that time…..She and another passenger survived at that time.” In this paragraph, he illustrated this remarkable story.
Finally, he expressed his sympathy to the accident and the passengers. And he said that “…The spirits of the passengers back again.” Luck expressed his grief to these passengers. He became a little sad and then he ended the speech by blessing the passengers who died in this accident.
I thought Luck’s speech was quite touching, truly and sincere. The delivery and his expression were good enough to touching the audiences’ heart. And I believe if he was really making a speech in the memorable day of Titanic, the families of the dead passengers would cry.
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