Sunday, May 27, 2007


Joyce's Persuasive Speech (Value)

In this speech, I think I can feel that I have improved my presentation.
In the content part, I explained what is called “Low-Cut” clothes, and then I expressed my concept about wearing low-cut clothes. By providing three negative effects that causes by wearing clothes, I could see my audiences have some kind of response, or maybe some smiles. And then, I continued to explain my statements point by point with examples and reliable references. Finally, in conclusion, I repeated my statement again, and convinced them again that wearing low-cut clothes is not good.
In the presentation part, I think I still need to improve eye contact. I seemed like to read my draft, or present a report, but not give a speech that communicates with my audience. Most of the time, my eyes were in my script. I need to watch my audience more, and longer. In addition, my pronunciation still needs to correct. I didn’t pronounce well on the stage, and I think that happened because of nervousness. However, I think I need to conquer that. Next, I was lack of confidence while standing in front of people, so I lose my power to persuade people. I believe I can notice and fix that problem next time.
General speaking, although there still some mistakes and flaws, I am quite satisfied with my presentation this time.
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