Saturday, May 05, 2007


Joyce Lin's Commemorative Speech

Well, Joyce began her topic with a clear statement that the organization Red Cross has reached to its 100 year anniversary now. It gives the audience a good motivation to join this commemoration with the long history of Red Cross. She described the character of Red Cross which is “volunteers who pay their love to us and not ask for return.”

Then she briefly introduced the history of Red Cross and its founder,
Henry Dunant, a swiss businessman. The very beginning of Red Cross was to aim to help soldiers and citizens who were injured or wounded in war. This part of the speech gives the audience a general idea of how Red Cross was founded

Red Cross has been widespread all over the world with countless branches. In Taiwan, you can also see the movement of Red Cross, especially for taking care of senior people. As Joyce spoke “the Red Cross cares about senior people and it goes down to their residence for community service.” This localization of Red Cross can somehow inspire the audience who are also Taiwanese. So we can feel closer to this topic and understand what the Red Cross has been contributing for Taiwan.

Finally, she ended the topic with furthermore glorification of Red Cross. What makes Red Cross great is its effort, passion and generosity for all human being.
Basically, I think Joyce did a good job on this one. Undoubtedly, she had prepared a lot for this speech and what she tried to tell us was obvious and clear.
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