Friday, May 25, 2007


Josie's Persuasive Speech (Value)

In the beginning of my persuasive speech, I made a connection with audiences by assuming that they will become teachers or parents in the future and there is a serious problem about education that they have to notice. I stated that corporal punishment is improper in educating and I gave two reasons to support my statement, which were psychological effects and inefficiency of corporal punishments.

In the second paragraph of my speech, I briefly introduced the categories of corporal punishments.

On the next stage, according to the information gave by experts, I told the audiences three psychological effects which were caused by corporal punishments and I also gave audiences my personal experience to gain my credibility. After giving audiences the personal experience, I gave the details about inefficiency of corporal punishments. That was the last reason that I didn’t agree with corporal punishments.

In the final of my speech, I told the audiences that the government also executes the Zero corporal punishment policy for prohibiting teachers to use corporal punishments in schools.

In this speech, I informed audiences many credible resources to support my speech, but the fluency of delivering a speech have to be improved. I think that I have to use more emotional intonation for gaining audiences’ attention and I also have to use some gestures when giving a speech.
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