Friday, May 04, 2007


Josie's Commemorative Speech

Feedback of Josie’s Commemorative Speech from
1095100068 Annie Zhuang

In Josie’s commemorative speech, I think she gave a good opening to the audience by using the sentence “Time goes by; the history will be left.” When I heard it, I knew in the next few minutes, she might talk about the history accident. I think using this kind of way can give audience some idea in advance and successfully get audience’s attention. Moreover, Josie provided a good explanation for her subject, 228 Commemorative Day and she also clearly pointed out what a glory it is.
Secondly, in the body, she provided a lot of abundant information about the history of 228 Incident. She used 5W1H questions to describe the whole plots in great details. It talked about when it happened, who were in that incident, for what reasons and so on. Going through the main body of speech, Josie adapted her remarks to the occasion at the end. She said that she was appreciated the government to establish the 228 Incident memorial foundation. Because of it, Josie understood deeply about our own history, and because of her speech, we, the audience has a clear understanding about this commemorative day.
Finally, I think Josie made a good eye-contact from the beginning of her speech to the end of it. However, there is one suggestion I want to give it to her. At the beginning, she delivered her speech very fluently, but there were several times she stopped a long pause because she forgot the contents of speech. And then there were some unnecessary body physical actions which showed her nervousness. Maybe next time, she can prepare the text with small hard card and look at it during her speech.
All in all, I think Josie make a very good speech.
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