Friday, May 25, 2007


Helen's Persuasive speech (value)

The purpose of this persuasive speech aims at breaking the myth of shaking legs to Asian people. At the beginning of my speech, i first question the classmates "Do you feel annoyed when someone sitting in front of you is shaking her legs?" "And are you going to pat her on the back and say - would you please stop shaking your legs? It's very annoying!" And then I naturally drag my following speech from the experience that everyone shares in class, that is, our parents always reminded us not shake legs in public place or at home. And i see the classmates nodding their heads, agreeing the saying we both share. So that i continually talk more about the origin of not shaking legs and the bad consequence that men and women might face when they shake their legs. In the followings, i promote the concept that shaking legs is perfectly good to our health for specialist of rehabilitation and diabetic doctor have claimed that shaking legs is good to our health. And also this kind of saying is proven by the experiment done by the Chia Yi Chung Kung Hospital. I divide the advantages of shaking legs into two parts; the physical part and the psychological part, explain two of the factors with details, trying hard for the classmates to understand the relationship between shaking legs and our body condition. By so doing, the audience might be willing to believe me and would be listen to my speech with curiosity. However, i do not ask the audience that they must shake legs in front of people since it is really hard for people to change their thoughts within a short time. So I provide an alternative way to have the audience start shaking legs at home first. So that this might not make them feel that i was forcing them to accept my idea since I just want to break the myth only. Actually, i specially like the speech that I gave nearly the end of my speech. I told them that our fate is controlled by ourselves and our attitude, not the taboo of prohibiting shaking legs. Giving figures like professors as an example, I ask another question "I have seen many professors shaking legs during the speech and the conference. However are they poor, lowly, or despicable?" By this chance, I hope the classmates can really think about it and do not be mislead by the taboo passing down by our ancestors. And to give the reflection of my speech, I think I improve a lot, maybe it is because I look more confident and do not rely on the script regularly. Also, i think my facial expression is good. And this is what I should keep with when i am delivering any speech.
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