Friday, May 04, 2007


Helen's Commemorative Speech

At the beginning, she provided an explanation to tell us why Sun Yun Hsiung was praiseworthy—he was the one who truly loved his country and people. Then she explained the detail about what he did to Taiwan and made people felt calm and secure during the turbulent era.

After the brief introduction of Sun Yun Hsiung, Helen started to provide more specific achievement about him. She gave some examples to describe what Sun actually did for Taiwan, such as he had a foresight of electronic construction in Taiwan. He proposed five six-year-long electric power projects and predicted the usage of electricity for the following years to help Taiwan developed quickly and became high tech nation. From here, the audiences can really understand what this great person did for Taiwan. Furthermore, the speech not only provided Sun’s achievements in public, but also his excellent personality and behavior of his attitude to life. Therefore, there were the values to let us commemorate Sun.

To review this speech, I think Helen did a good job to delivery her speech, her voice was loud and clearly enough with gestures and eye-contact. Also, she showed her admiration to Sun sincerely. However, there was one important shortcoming that she had to improve— she didn’t set up the occasion for this speech clearly. All in all, this was a pretty good speech.
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