Thursday, May 03, 2007


Frances's commemorative speech

At the beginning, Frances gave a brief introduction of what ingenuous angels were. She pointed out the problem by “These parents are often worried about after they pass away, who is going to take care of their children?” the content of the sentence inspired me to think of something, but her tone sounded not worried enough. Then she stated the history of the foundation clearly, and explained their features and said, “they need a well-rounded program to help them and guide them through the entire life journey,” which told us the reason why they needed the foundation.

In the 3rd paragraph, she introduced what the foundation’s achievement, which was “the foundation has set up several Children Are Us restaurants, bakeries and baking kitchens in Kaohsiung and Taipei.”. She reminded us not to pity them, but respect and help them, that instructed me the right attitude to those ingenuous angels.

The foundation has been set up for 12 years, which was praiseworthy. I was happy to hear that she said, “We are proud to announce that the Children Are Us Farm has been approved by the government with a subsidy of thirty million Taiwanese dollars”. Later, she gave us an expectation for the foundation which let me feel hopeful.
“The foundation evokes our most innate human nature of love”, it showed the influence upon us, the reason why we should support it. Finally, she showed her expectation on the foundation again.
Over all, her speech evoke me to want to go to Children Are Us bakeries and help them. Giving them a chance to work and helping them will made me joyful.
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