Friday, May 25, 2007


Frances' Persuasive (Value)

A picture says a thousand words! In order to successfully persuade my audience that wearing high heels is harmful to women’s heath, I deliberately found photos that showed the physical perils (Hallux Valgus and corn) that wearing high heels might cause. Seeing is believing. By looking at the pictures, the audience received visual and aural messages at the same time. It might create greater impact on the audience.
There were examples of the painful experiences in suffering form Hallux Valgus and wearing high heels on some girls’ personal blogs. They were not convincible, because my audience didn’t know who they were. Therefore, I gave an example of the painful Hallux Valgus surgery of the celebrity, Vivian Hsu, to let my audience have a clear view of who had suffered the discomforts caused by wearing high heels. I also gave other intangible problems related to wearing high heels, such as back aches, twisted ankles and arthritis.

The possible psychological effects, schizophrenia and lower sexual desires, were the studies from Sweden and the United Sates. They didn’t sound very reliable, but we couldn’t be sure that they were really impossible. Weird things happen everyday, and we don’t know what we would get next. Also, I wanted to add some humor to my speech, so I asked my friend, who happened to wear high highs that day, to help me with the photos of the possible embarrassing moments. Those moments do happen.
Finally, I tried to let my audience compare the images of the hazards caused by wearing high heels with those beautiful high heels to gain a sharp contrast. But I don’t think it was successful done because someone from my audience still answered “YES!” when I asked the question “Do you still think that they are beautiful?”

Lastly, the same problem happens over and over again – I easily get lost in my speech.
I felt quite frustrated about it, but I deicide to ignore it. I know the more I am aware of it, the higher possibility that I will forget what I want to say. So I will just take it easy. One thing for sure is that I will be careful with my articulation, because even I couldn’t hear myself clearly in the video, let alone my audience.
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