Sunday, May 27, 2007


Emma's Persuasive Speech (Value)

After the persuasive speech of mine, I really had some advantages to admire and of course one of disadvantage to improve. I should low down the key of my voice intonation, but that is in deed my inborn voice tone naturally. Perhaps some times the audience might feel impropriated on the tone of mine. I will take notice of this point after ward. Then, in my opinion, maybe I did a good job this time. I remember that before the presentation of Persuasive Speech. Aiden checked my draft severely and it almost destroyed the confidence of mine, later I knew I got some mistakes about this assignment. It was all my faults and all my foolishness. It is worthy to say, I improved myself and corrected the mostly content .First of my advantages, I got attention from the whole classmates in the beginning because I use the sentence “Do you have an experience about forgetting what you did last night and what you did spend this morning after all?” In the conclusion, I shared a real example of the benefits about keeping account. I think it is successful to express my emotion that the audience might gain the points from my ideas. Next, before my turn, I was so nervous under the stage; while I was presenting, I found that I became less nervous gradually and I could spoke with ease.
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