Friday, May 04, 2007


Emma Niu's Commemorative Speech

From Vicky Wang, 1095100110

I think Emma chose the praiseworthy topic to present. We all must had heard about “Eden Social Welfare Foundation”, but didn’t understand this organization clearly. Therefore, this topic was very attractive to the audiences.

In her speech, she expressed feelings of sentiments (grateful emotion). Our hearts vibrated to the speaker’s intonation and voice. When she presented to the main point, she paused, and then used the emphasis on the upcoming main part. This was great advantage we should learn from her. However, it will be better if she could present more appreciative facial expression and body language.

Emma provided information about the history of the organization being praised by using the times (what and when they did). For example, “Ms. Liu Hsia and a group of Christians founded the Eden Social Welfare Foundation in 1982.”, and “Since 1985, Eden are concerned about the blind’s rights, establishing The Blind Choir.”, and then she detailed who the Foundation helped and what they did to help them (fight for disabilities’ rights…etc.). Therefore, we would be more respect to Eden Social Welfare Foundation after we understand the tribute and love of them to the society.

However, I think the article was too detailed that couldn’t touch our hearts easily. If she could add more moving words or stories, and made the strong connections between Eden Social Welfare Foundation and audiences, the speech will be perfect.
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