Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Emily's Commemorative Speech

YE3B Reiff 1095100108

In the first paragraph, Emily used her own experience to open the speech and suddenly brought us back to the terrible 921 earthquake. I think it was a good opening because both of the earthquakes were related to our lives and I believe Emily described the exact feelings that everyone had during the earthquakes.
Then in the 2nd paragraph, Emily provided the clear information about the 921 earthquake, for instance, the earthquake happened at 1:47 am on September 21 and the epicenter was in Nantou. Furthermore, there were over 5 after-shocks which also damaged Taiwan. And pitifully, the saddest earthquake was the most serious earthquake for the latest 100 years.
The last 2 paragraphs, Emily mentioned the museum about the 921 earthquake which provides the materials for commemorating the 921 earthquake and the lessons the 921 earthquake taught us. Especially in the last paragraph, she pointed out those lessons that we had learned from the 921 earthquake such as building a solid house, uniting ourselves, and cherishing our lives, etc. Also, in the last paragraph, Emily said “Because of them, we cherish what we have at present”, and I like this sentence because many people don’t treasure their lives well. And, this sentence made me feel full of hope and optimism.
In the whole speech, Emily used a very solemn attitude to present and she also delivered the feeling to audience. I think it was great in that way. With this attitude and the content, I think Emily really taught us a meaningful lesson.
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