Friday, May 25, 2007


Emily (YE3b) Persuasive Speech (Value)

My self-evaluation
From my content of persuasive speech on value, I express my topic clearly. First, I use some advertisement terms to gain audiences’ attention and then to bring up my topic. My topic is related to the audiences because this bad habit (eating junk food) happened frequently abounding us. Second, I clearly explain some reasons why eating junk food in unhealthy. More about it, I bring up some evidence to support my viewpoint. Third, I use some easy understanding words to express some difficult words in order to make the audiences understanding what I am talking. And the visual aids helped the audiences more understanding the topic. Finally, in the conclusion, I emphasized again that some problems will bring from eating junk food and make the audiences have deep impression about the topic.

But there are still some disadvantages I should improve. First, I should give more and lone eye contact with my audiences. When I look the video, it is frequent that I lower my head to look at my draft. This make me look like shaking all the time. Second, I have improved the pronunciation of some conjunctions, but there are still some words I didn’t pronounce well. Third, I should be more confidence so that my speech will be full of power and influence to the audiences.

Overall of my speech, I should work hard on my speech and practice more.
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