Friday, May 25, 2007


Cassandra's Persuasive (Value)

In my persuasive speech of value, I point out a not environmental behaviour that ca. 95% of the classmates used to do. Later I mentioned how our action can lead to damage our earth unconsciously. To do this, I read many news articles about disposable commodities, and also used many statistics to show the seriousness.
At the beginning of my speech, I gained attention by indicated the truth, “we” are damaging the earth. My visual aid added interest and also showed importance at the attention step.
I urged the need by saying. “I am sincere to inform you this act does not only waste the limited resources on earth but also damage our environment, moreover might cause health problems.” This is also main ideas of my speech. The whole speech is well organized. But the delivery part has some flaw. I am not fluent enough. I consider to memorize lines next time in order to delivery more naturally! Some words are not correctly pronounced due to nervousness. Moreover I should reduce the length of my speech, 8,51 might be too long.
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