Saturday, March 17, 2007


Speech of Presentation Assignment

Follow the simple instructions below to post your 'Speech of Presentation' Assignment.

1. There are three links where you could post your video/audio recording. You could click on the 'Send me a video email now' button on the side bar of this blog, or click this button right here, Springdoo Me

or click here

2. You will now see the player, like the photo below.

3. You could record online by simply clicking on 'RECORD', then type or paste your message in the text box.

4. Or upload your audio/video recording (Make sure that the end file of your video is wmv or mp4, audio file should be in wav or mp3)

5. You could type in your email address so you'd get a copy of your message. This also serves a back up copy just in case I did not receive the file.

6. YOU WON'T right away see your audio/video on the blog. I will post them for you.

7. To see how it works, see my welcome message, click here.

Dear Aiden,

I'm Helen

I can't record my voice in the space you open for us

so, i guess i will post the script first
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and people in front of the televisions, welcome to this nationwide biannual awarding ceremony. Together we are going to share the glory of Mandy Huang; the Good Samaritan prizewinner with each of you.
“Giving is better than taking.” I believe all of us here can understand this saying very well. However, how many people can really take the words into actions, that is what we consider about.
Today we gather together to honor the lady who always believes that she needs to give more to people who are in-need, and never accepts power and right as recompense for all the good did she has taken.
In this fully developed, high-tech country, people are not short in money, in power, in rights, but in love, in giving more to others. On the contrary, Many Huang, the Good Samaritan, is short in money, in power, in rights, but full of love, and continual gives her love to the needs wordlessly.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the richest, the happiest, the lovest Good Samaritan, Mandy Huang.
Dear Aiden,

Can i just record my speech at Chinswing since i can hear my voice there

if you say yes, then i will do so

wait for your asnwer
dear aiden,

i've uploaded the record file

you may go and check up

Hi Aiden,

I work for Springdoo in the UK and am really pleased to see you have tried the service - your blog came up on one of my Google Alerts.

I wanted you to be the first to know that we have just relaunched the service. Check out the new site and services at

I would really like to hear your thoughts on the service. Feel free to email me at:

Look forward to hearing from you.

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