Saturday, March 17, 2007


Speech of Introduction Videos

The video recording of March 15 presenters are available on the blog Please make use of these videos to:
1) do your self-evaluation
2) do peer-feedback

To do your self-evaluation, please go to Chinswing, click here

NOTE ON CHINSWING, you need to sign up and log in. It's free. Please upload a photo and don't forget to include your student number.


Work with a partner in doing your peer-critique.

Your peer-feedback or peer critique must be in writing. You need to post your peer-feedback in the comments area on the class blog where the video of the student your providing feedback for is placed.

For example, to provide a feedback for Annie, go to the class blog at

Then, scroll down the webpage and look for Annie's video.

Once, you've found it, click on the 'Comments' button link.

A new pop-up window or a new page will appear that shows a text box where you could paste your comments.

After pasting or typing your feedback on Annie's presentation, click post/send comments.

The comments will be posted automatically on the blog.

I hope these instructions help.

I look forward to reading/listening to your self-evals and reading your peer-critique.

Aiden Yeh

Derek's speech of Introduction was a good one compared with other speechs he had done before. His pronunciation and voice was loud and clear. He performed his passionate attitude in the speech. He also made a detailed but brief personal career introdution in the speech. I can say it's a successful speech. By the way, I have a suggestion for him: his eye contact can be more natural and more frequent. I hope these will help in his next speech.
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