Friday, March 16, 2007


First of all, I think Mandy did great effort on her Introductory Speech though she looked so nervous when she conducted her speech.
Through out the speech, Mandy merely made eye-contact with audience-which is a pity because I think the audience might think that she did not interact with them. I know Mandy was so nervous that she nearly forgot to do so (Mandy, instead of looking around the classroom, you can glance over the audience so that you will feel less stressed.) I believe next time when she gives a speech; she will improve a lot from this small lesson.
What I want to say next is that Mandy can be more confident when she gives a speech. During the speech, I found her feel unsecured and uncomfortable. What I suggest her is practicing and practicing before the mirror until she feels confident in herself. And I want to say, “Mandy, believe in yourself, you can do a good job!”
The best thing she gave the audience was that she smiled all the time. That is a good thing when she presented herself to the audience smiling and friendly. Really, it is hard to do so when you are nervous.
Anyways, keep going and practicing. I will be your good partner.
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