Friday, March 16, 2007


Pronunciation of words to watch out for:






1998 -eight

YE3B 1095100102 Cassandra

Vicky’s speech is a good one. She is totally a best choice of person to introduce “little chili.” Her draft is perfect and well organized. Her topic, “Thank good and bad people, and face the career with a smile” is attractive and adapting to the occasion and audiences’ need, which had logically also built enthusiasm for the upcoming speaker. Vicky’s remarks to Wang, Ling-Jiao is totally positive and believable. From her remark, “Wang, Ling-Jiao was not very rich at her childhood.” We began interesting in the main speaker. We would like to hear about the main speaker’s success. Surely, Vicky got the speaker’s name right. Moreover her speech has delivered extemporaneously and naturally. She also showed her sincerity and enthusiasm while presenting. At the same time Vicky has built a welcoming climate from the beginning to the end of her speech.
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