Wednesday, February 28, 2007


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a. Name B. Topic

1. Annie Zhuang Grace Jhan 詹慧君-- " Your dream could come true"

2. Stefanie 龍應台"Be the unique personalize on your career"

3. Emily Kai-fu Lee (李開復)"true success"

4. Johnny Roger Yang (楊培安)

5. Cassandra Terry Kuo (郭台銘) - "The devil is in the details " 6. Selena 袁韻婕

7. Carly Kevin Lin (義傑)

8. Zoe Rocky yang

9. Frances Huang YE4A B. Vincent Chang - Attitude Decides Your Future

10. Emma Yundi Lee(李雲迪) - "The Incredible Pianist Genius Yundi Lee "

11. Claire Yuan-Tseh Lee(李遠哲)-"Reaching for the stars"

12. Joyce Lin Mr. Yu-Jan Lin 林裕展先生-- "Using What You've learned"

13. Vicky Wang 王齡嬌

14. Yvette

15. Penny YoYo Ma (馬友友)

16. Reiff

17. Vicky Li Cing-Yuan Kao(高清愿)--" It is possible for your dreams to come true"

18. Derek Stanly Yen(嚴長壽)-"

19. Vicky Chen &nb
22. Helen Tai YE4A. Ming Yuan Li-the first local CEO of McDonald's, "Never Stop Practicing Your Basic Gongfu"
23. JosieYE4A, Min-Hsin Chen "What conditions you should have as a freshman in working place"
24Vanessa Cheng--Wu Dan-Zu(吳淡如)
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胡立陽 "The 8 anti-tradition views in career"
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