Monday, October 23, 2006


Download Sample Student Speech Self-evaluation and Peer Feedback

Click here to download a sample of student speech self-evaluation.

Please follow the format (see sample).
You will need to mention at least 3 strengths that you have done/presented in your speech presentation.

Look into how well/poorly you have done in the following criteria:
1. Central Idea- was it clearly stated in your introduction, previewing the main points of your speech?
2. Did you gain your audience's attention and interest?
3. In your Body, did you support your main ideas?
4. Was your speech well planned?
5. Did you use transitions in your speech?
6. Did you summarize/wrap up the main ideas in your conclusion?


1. Did you maintain eye contact with your audience?
2. Did you use your voice effectively?
3. Any unnecessary body language?
4. Did you present your speech as natural as possible?

Download a sample speech peer-feedback here.

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